Two Point Temperature Sensor (For TinyBMS)


Two Point Temperature Sensor for Battery Management System (Tiny BMS) has one on board NTC temperature sensor and supports two more external NTC temperature sensors (each per channel) or up to sixteen Enepaq multipoint active temperature sensors per Battery Management System (Tiny BMS) channel available in the Enepaq Cell Modules. Used temperature sensor type should be configured on Battery Insider windows application (see Chapter 4). Note that temperature sensor type configuration applied to both Battery Management System (Tiny BMS) temperature channels and different temperature sensor types cannot be used at the same time on different channels. Unused temperature sensor channel should be left unconnected. Once temperature sensor connected to BMS, it is recognized automatically and after few seconds measured temperature values are displayed on the Battery Insider application Live Data tab (see Chapter 4).

Dual NTC temperature sensor

Supported 10 K @ 25 °C (Beta value 3977 K) NTC temperature sensors. NTC thermistor should be connected between signal and ground pins of external temperature sensor connector.

Enepaq multipoint active temperature sensor

Enepaq multipoint active temperature sensor available in the Enepaq Cell Modules has up to four NTC sensors inside. Innovative analogue signal OR’ing technique allows all 4 sensor signals to be read with two-wire acquisition system (one Battery Management System (Tiny BMS) temperature channel): output acts as a hot spot detector and reports only the maximum temperature. When battery is operating within safe limits, all four sensors report similar temperatures and such measurement accurately represents overall temperature of the module. However, in case of failure event, hot spot is very quickly noticed. The sensor is a special-made temperature-variable voltage shunt reference. In simple words, it acts as a zener diode, whose voltage drop depends on temperature. It requires a pull-up resistor to operate at BMS 5 V output level. As already mentioned, Battery Management System (Tiny BMS) can support up to 16 Enepaq multipoint active temperature sensors per channel (in case that one sensors contains all 4 sensor nodes). It means that one BMS temperature channel is capable to measure altogether 64 temperature sensing nodes (hotspots). To find out how temperature sensing nodes contains each Enepaq Cell Module (one multipoint temperature sensor) and determine how many modules can be connected to BMS temperature channels please refer to Enepaq Cell Moules datasheet. A typical Enepaq multipoint active temperature sensor connection diagram is shown in Figure 2.7.


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