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Battery management

has developed a unique Battery Management System (or just BMS), perfectly tailored for rapid prototyping and quick product development.


  • Very small dimensions.
  • Supports various chemistries, including Li-ion, LiPo, LiFePO4, Li-Titanate and Li-sulfur chemistries
  • Current measurement and estimation of SOC
  • Firmware updates, new feature releases and improvements free of charge.
  • Event logs and live data view
  • Early balancing for quicker charge


  • Series cells: 4 to 16 (6 to 16 for LTO)
  • Cell voltage: 0.80 to 4.50 V
  • Cell balancing: 150 mA, dissipative
  • Discharge/Regen current: 30A/150A/750A
  • Charge current: 30A/750A
  • Interface: USART (USB / Bluetooth / CAN)
  • Up to 64 channel temperature sensors (available in Enepaq Building Blocks)