Battery Module For Formula SAE Electric Student Team!

Enepaq is a battery module manufacturing company located in Lithuania, Vilnius city. Enepaq battery modules can be used in a wide range of applications, but since the beginning and the very first battery modules were designed specifically for Formula SAE teams to become true leaders in electric formula races, and as a result Enepaq is known as Formula Student Battery Module supplier.

The Proof Of Quality

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We are proud to share that our client, the University of Canterbury, achieved 1st place overall in the 2023 FSAE-Australasia competition and ranked 4th overall in the world of Formula SAE electric.

How do you know Enepaq is a legit and known supplier in the Formula SAE world? Strongest answer is this: TESLA recognized Enepaq as a battery modules supplier for their sponsorship program. Every Formula SAE team should follow their announcements if willing to take advantage of this sponsorship which can reduce Your Formula SAE project price up to $5,000 USD!

Battery Modules by Enepaq are supplied all over the world, this is how Enepaq battery modules became popular among FSAE teams in Universities worldwide: USA, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden, Norway, India just to start with..

*Limited number of selected FSAE teams can potentially expect a discount in return for promotional activities in ENEPAQ’s favor:

  • Enepaq logo and an active (do follow) link to the Enepaq website at among other sponsors on the team website/page. It should be published once the order financial part is completed, and stay there at least as long as Enepaq products are used. 
  • Post on social media with a link to the website or ENEPAQ page (FB and Linkedin The post should include a photo of the team in a working environment. In the text, you should be stating that Enepaq is sponsoring your team, how your team will benefit from this sponsorship, or what product advantages that are the most important to your team.
  • Logos on Electric Formula Student car, one per side.

*In case these requirements are not met, Enepaq will issue an invoice for the full amount that was originally offered as a sponsorship discount. If your team is interested in this offer please contact Enepaq product sales team.

We Are Well Known In Formula SAE Community

Why Enepaq Battery Module?

• No additional wiring.

• Integrated temperature sensors with JST 2 pin-XH connection on each module (you can connect the modules with the custom-made device, that can read module temp data and provide it to your BMS unit).

• Super easy assembly (takes hours)

• Our battery modules have a specific design based on air cooling. Battery module plastics (top and bottom), form specific ventilation holes, that pierce through all modules. Actual cells are not sealed in any material. The mentioned technology makes the air-cooling solution at least 40% more efficient.

• Fuse control

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Electric Formula Student Battery Module For Battery Pack

Electric Formula SAE Teams Powered By Enepaq Battery Modules

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EMRAX motors / generators with its compact design, low weight and high ingress protection are very suitable for usage in electric and hybrid cars. They can be integrated easily within a new or existing powertrain, drivetrain or differential. It is possible that they are mounted in-wheel. We can also develop a customized motor for high volume automotive applications. EMRAX motor is proving to be the optimal electric motor choice for automotive OEMs and conversion specialists.

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