Battery Management System (BMS) 150A/750A

Tiny BMS Insider Software free download (v2.5.0.9 Windows)

CE Certificate (EU Declaration of Conformity)

Our Battery Management System solutions offer comprehensive customization options. We can tailor firmware and hardware features to align with your unique project requirements.

• Integrated 150 A power switches
• Connectivity: UART, MODBUS, CAN and Bluetooth
• All parameters are adjustable: Voltage, Current, Temperature
• Supports 12 V to 60 V Systems (4s-16s), all lithium chemistries
• Dissipative Balancing up to 150 mA
• Supporting up to two external temperature sensors and one dual-range current sensor
• Event Log, Usage Statistics
• Free Firmware Upgrades
• Programmable Inputs & Outputs
• Ultra-compact design: 95x65x9 mm and only 97 g.
• Current Sensor Connection
• HS code: 8537109100

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Battery Management System (BMS) 150A/750A

Battery Management System (BMS) 150A/750A the Tiny BMS is an essential component of every Lithium battery. Enepaq Tiny BMS supports lithium batteries of any chemistry and up to 60 V nominal. Battery capacity from sub-1 Ah to 655 Ah can be managed easily. Tiny BMS measures individual voltages of parallel cell groups and manages switching of load and charger. During charging, cells are balanced by bleeding-off higher cells to accomplish full balance and maintain good health of battery pack. State-of-Charge is calculated as well, and is available via communication bus to be displayed for user.


User-upgradeable firmware allows quick updates, bringing bugfixes, new features and other improvements, such as client-specific functionality. Integrated communication bus allows easy reconfiguration and streaming of real time data, while extension I/Os enables operation with various external peripherals: current sensors, contactors, Enable switches, SOC gauges and more.



Various safety mechanisms are built in: disconnection of load or charger if any of the cells go out of allowed range of voltage or current, also up to two temperature points are measured and can be used for emergency disconnect or for disabling of charging if cell temperature is too low.

Tiny BMS Insider Software (v2.5.0.9 Windows)

BMS Firmware Features

Battery Management System the Tiny BMS device provides a feature-rich battery management and protection solution for 4-series cell to 16-series cell battery-pack applications. The Tiny BMS (Battery Management System) device has extended firmware features and capabilities, including:

• Fully integrated battery pack manager and protection;
• Low side protection FET drive;
• Integrated cell balancing;
• Ultra low power mode;
• Full array of programmable protection features: voltage, current, temperature;
• Lifetme statistics data monitor and event recorder;
• Supports two external temperature sensor channels and one dual-range current sensor;
• Connectivity: UART, MODBUS, CAN, Bluetooth and BMS data broadcasting;
• Programmable inputs and outputs;
• User-upgradeable firmware for quick updates, bringing bugfixes, new features and other improvements, such as client-specific functionality.

This chapter in detail covers all aspects of Tiny BMS (Battery Management System) firmware features and capabilities. This documentation is based on firmware version and later releases. The Tiny BMS (Battery Management System) is being constantly improved and evolved, new features are built on top of the base firmware, but the basic protection concept and logic, described in this document, is still the same in the updates.

Please check the User Manual for more detailed information in Chapter 3

BMS Configuration

Battery Management System the Tiny BMS device can be configured using Battery Insider Windows application. Alternatively all the Tiny BMS configuration can be done using UART, MODBUS or CAN communication commands (refer to Tiny BMS Communication Protocols documentation) from the user side integrated device or existing industrial system.

Battery Management System (BMS) Battery Insider application overview (configuration) for Tiny BMS Enepaq
Battery Management System (BMS) Battery Insider application overview (configuration) for Tiny BMS Enepaq


DATASHEET  – Battery Management System (BMS) for Tiny BMS Enepaq

USER MANUAL – Battery Management System (BMS)  for Tiny BMS Enepaq

Quick Start Guide – Battery Management System (BMS) for Tiny BMS Enepaq

Communication Protocols – Battery Management System (BMS) Tiny BMS Enepaq

BMS Firmware Release Notes


To ensure the security of you and your surroundings, please read these rules and follow all the guidelines contained installation instructions of our Battery Management System (Tiny BMS):

• DO NOT use the system where it may cause interference (eg. medical equipment);
• DO NOT use the system in an explosive environment;
• The system is NOT resistant to the chemical environment and mechanical stress;
• All electrical equipment MUST be rated for the voltage of the battery and battery management system;
• Use double-insulated tools;
• DO NOT short-circuit the battery or battery management system terminals, this could cause the damage to the product or the personal property;
• DO NOT lay tools or metal parts on top of the batteries or near the battery management system cable lugs;
• Before establishing connections, make sure to verify polarity.

This list is not exhaustive, and it is the responsibility of the system designer / installer to conduct their own failure mode analysis and determine what is required.

Working around batteries is DANGEROUS. Risk associated with improper use of the battery with the Tiny BMS device includes: short-circuit, fire or explosion.

Read the ENTIRE documentation to become familiar with the Tiny BMS device and its features before operating. Failure to operate the product correctly and safely may result in damage to the product, personal property and cause serious injury.

Throughout the literature the term “Note:” will be used to indicate procedures which, if not properly followed, create a possibility of physical property damage.

Using Tiny BMS device requires at least basic knowledge in electronics and electrical engineering. Enepaq will not be held responsible for damage to the battery or any consequence, if the Tiny BMS device is used improperly and no warranty is provided in such case.