Bluetooth Communication Module (For TinyBMS)

Tiny BMS Bluetooth communication module is a wireless direct solution for replacement of wired USBUART cable for parameter viewing, configuration and data streaming to Android dashboard application (CAV3 protocol).

  • Weight: 12 g.
  • HS code: 8538901900


Bluetooth Communication Module (For TinyBMS), all standard UART commands are supported directly, any extra configuration is not required. CAV3 protocol data streaming can be enabled in the Battery Insider application. For more detail about how to configure Battery Management System (Tiny BMS) data broadcast refer to Chapter 4.

Note: Battery Management System (Tiny BMS) currently not supported firmware update over Bluetooth communication feature. Tiny BMS firmware can only be updated over USB-UART cable using Battery Insider application.

Note: Battery Management System (Tiny BMS) Bluetooth module, SOC-BAR LED indicator and CAN communication module only works when Battery Management System (Tiny BMS) is in active mode (Idle, Charing and Discharging), because in sleep mode Battery Management System (Tiny BMS) turns off its internal 5 V power supply to achieve the lowest power consumption and there is no 5 V output on the Battery Management System (Tiny BMS) communication connector. It means that Battery Management System (Tiny BMS) can not wake up from sleep mode by Bluetooth or CAN communication commands.

Note: All communication modules and indicators once configured and enabled can be changed on the fly, there is no need to restart the Battery Management System (Tiny BMS) or any other action required, just unplug unused module (for example USB-UART cable) and connect the new module instead (for example SOC-BAR LED indicator).


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